Olaf’s Resumé


I am a humanist! 
I believe the vagaries of the human condition are as much a mystery to us, as is the origin of the universe. 
I believe in a just and caring society; one in which the laws of the land are applied fairly, compassionately and firmly. 
I prefer social and other policies to be informed by rational thinking, underpinned by empirical facts, not myopic ideology. 
I don’t subscribe to the idea that wealth will automatically flow down from the rich, the powerful and the go-getters. 
I know that “FROM EACH ACCORDING TO THEIR ABILITY, TO EACH ACCORDING TO THEIR NEED” is a dis-proven utopia, not compatible with the above mentioned human condition. 
I am tired of telling all and sundry that harsher sentencing has no discernible impact on crime rates; it doesn’t, read the damned statistics!
I was born in Germany. 
I used to identify as a German for just over 20 years. 
I was drafted into the German army. 
I learned how to kill people in various, imaginative ways. 
I didn’t enjoy it. 
I’m a pacifist!
I am a committed Australian for well over 30 years now. 
I am one of those pesky economic migrants, of the non-queue-jumping variety. 
I find this distinction, made by Australia’s hapless politicians, hypocritical. 
I don’t understand how you can feel compelled to serve your people, without checking first if you qualify to be a parliamentarian. 
I know, without a shadow of a doubt, that I qualify to be a member of parliament or senate! 
I’d rather poke a hot needle in my eye, than trying to become either one. 
I prefer other ways to contribute to society.
I lost my religion.
I probably never had one. 
I am not an atheist. 
I hate that term. 
I googled it many times. 
I still don’t know what it really means. 
I view religious organisations with suspicion. 
I am baffled by their legislated exemptions, from gender equality to their taxation status. 
I bristle at their self-righteous insistence to educate our children in their schools, indoctrination centres, subsidised by the public purse. 
I thought the same sex marriage equality survey was stupid und unnecessary. 
I don’t give a shit who wants to get married to whom.
I feel it’s nobodies business but the prospective couple’s, whatever their gender. 
I’d say, get married quick and have two kids, why should you have a better life than me! 
I hate caged chicken. No, I don’t! 
I dislike those who cage them! 
I deplore the politicians who protect them. Not the chicken, the cagers! 
I don’t care how much eggs will cost when laid by chicken able to scratch their own arses. 
I hate some other animal husbandry types, too; particularly those who pretend to love their animals and then ship them live to third world countries.
I love nature. 
I am not an environmentalist. 
I don’t hug trees. I cannot tell a lie; I do, but only the really big ones! 
I don’t know if climate change is real; I’m not a scientist. 
I do know, without a doubt, that ignoring the advise of the best and brightest minds humanity has to offer, is fucking lunacy!
I pee like a girl on our toilet! I don’t understand why men drag their dicks out of their pants, irrigate the toilet seat with it and then expect their women to wipe it clean. The seat, the seat! 
I’d rather wolf whistle after pretty women to validate my masculinity. 
I am pretty sure Donald Trump is a narcissistic, misogynistic, pretentious, deluded, pathological liar with a small dick. 
I read somewhere that small hands always mean a small dick. So there! 
I believe the “West“ maybe in serious, irrecoverable decline. 
I trust that my children and their cohort will do their best to stop this from happening for as long as possible.
I am a “glass half empty” kind of a guy. So, my fallback response on the geopolitical future is: We are all fucked!